Jasper County Development District #1

Funding Guidelines

The Jasper County Development District #1 (known as the District) has available funds that can be used to promote tourism within the District. The District also partner’s with the Jasper Lake Sam Rayburn Chamber of Commerce to insure that funds from either agency are used to promote tourism and that funds are not requested from each agency for the same purpose.

The District provides funds to assist in events. The District does not fully fund the event, i.e. the District funding should only cover a part of the cost of the event. In no circumstance shall District Funding be used as a benefit or donation to a person, event or charity, and detailed records must be kept and given to the District on the spending of funds received by the District. No District funds shall be used to purchase/furnish alcoholic beverages.

Requests for funding should be presented a minimum of 90 days before the event for consideration.

Examples of what the District will fund:

Pavilion fees for tournaments or events that will cause tourism in the District. For fishing tournaments that are approved, the payment will be as follows:

Corporate/Business meetings, retreats, outings, or events

Group/Chapter meetings, retreats, outings or events


Trail Rides

Job/Event/Sales fairs

Land Purchase

Building Costs


Events that are spread over two days the District may provide funding for:

Hotel Rooms (within the District)

Meeting Rooms (within the District)

Event funding

Entertainment funding

Catering funding


What you need to do to apply for funds:

Complete an application

Attached a proposed budget for the event

If the event is a paid event, a copy of the fee schedule

If prizes are awarded, a copy of the prize payout information

Copy of your insurance

After the event:

Complete the Event Evaluation Form within 45 days.

Submit a Zip Code survey for paid events

A financial statement of the event

Copies of all advertising of the event

Detailed expense report of how the District’s funds were spent.

The District reserves the right to review each application and modify any award of money to best suit the District.

The District at its discretion may alter the information needed by the post event evaluation depending on the event/expenditure. The District may also allow you to combine information from several events into one form (i.e. fishing circuit).

Failure to complete the necessary information will result in your application being denied