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Jasper County Development District #1

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Welcome to the  Lake Country Jasper County Development District #1

The Jasper County Development District #1 was formed shortly after the turn of the Twenty First Century  to promote development and tourism in the north end of Jasper County, Texas .  The District surrounds the southern part of Lake Sam Rayburn in Jasper County.  The District is funded by sales tax and lodging tax  in accordance to state law.

Notice to Rental Property Located Within the District

The Directors of the District are appointed by the Board of Supervisors of Jasper County and serve four year term(s). The Directors then elect a Board President.  Board Members are not compensated  for serving on the Board and volunteer their time serving in various positions to efficiently manage the District.

The Board of Directors meet as needed.  Meeting notices are posted in accordance to state law at the County Courthouse in Jasper, Texas and copies are also posted at the contract Post Office located in the Valero station on Sam Rayburn Parkway and the clubhouse at Rayburn Country Club as well as to the right on this website

It is the Board of Directors position that the District is best served by reinvesting funds in promoting events as well as the Pavilion in the District.  The Board does not have a paid staff and contracts with various professionals to manage the books, audits as required by law and legal work and opinions that the Board requires from time to time.  The cost for the professional services is substantially less than employing a staff to perform the same duties.

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For further information you can contact the Board by email:  jcdd1@visitlakesamrayburn.com

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