Jasper County Development District #1

Agenda and Minutes

 Notice is hereby given that the Board of Directors of Jasper County Development District No.1 will hold a special meeting on Wednesday, July 19, 2017, at 10:00 a.m. at the Rayburn Club House, 212 Country Club Drive, Brookeland, Jasper County, Texas, inside the boundaries of the District, to discuss and if appropriate, act upon the following items:


1. Certification of meeting notice


2. Approval of minutes from June 6, 2017





3. Establish minimum bank balance position

4. Keith Combs Sam Rayburn Slam Tournament Funding Request

5. Rental Property Sewer Capacity Study Hwy. 255 @ Rayburn Inn

6. Review and approval of Pavilion requests

a. Signage

b. Big Ass Fan

c. Sewer Holding Tank

d. Paving

e. Other items as presented

7. Texas Team Trail Request regarding Funding Requests


8.  Other items that may be presented

9.  Adjournment



     July 19, 2017


The Board of Directors of the Jasper County Development District No. 1 (the District) held a special meeting, open to the public, on the 19th day of  July, 2017, at 10 a.m. at the Rayburn Clubhouse, 212 Country Club Blvd., Brookeland, Texas, inside the boundaries of the District, and the roll was called of the duly appointed members of the Board.

  Members Present

  Gary Collins   President  

  Brent Meaux   Present  

  Randall Dally   Present

  Charles Burke   Present

  Richard Carpenter   Absent

Others in attendance were:  JD Burns and Ray Beck, representing Umphrey Pavilion.



President Collins presented the Board with the public notice certification indicating the time, date, meeting place and agenda to be considered by the Board.  The agenda was posted on the JCDD web site, at the Jasper County Court House, Piney Point Plaza Post Office and Rayburn Clubhouse.  


The minutes of December 6, 2016 were amended and approved on a motion by Director Burke with a second from Director Dally and a unanimous vote of the Board.  The amendment was made to the section of the minutes under the last paragraph, last sentence, under the heading of ‘Payment of Bills.’  It was amended to read “It should be noted that Directors Collins and Dally abstained from approving their reimbursement checks.”


A financial report was not presented.


No bills were presented for payment.


Establishing a Minimum Fund Balance: No action was taken on this item as the Board felt it needed a more comprehensive study of the income and disbursement trends over the past two years.  It was tabled until the next meeting on a motion by Director Meaux with a second from Director Dally with a unanimous vote of the Board.

Keith Combs Fishing Tournament:  The Board addressed a funding request from Keith Combs for $5,000 to conduct a bass tournament in October. It approved an amount of $4,300 as the JCDD pays the Pavilion fees which was stipulated in the request.  The motion passed on a motion by Director Meaux with a second from Director Dally and a unanimous vote of the Board.  It was also noted that before payment was made that a detailed entry sheet including zip codes would be submitted with the invoice requesting payment at the end of the tournament.

Rental Property Sewer Capacity Study:  The Board was informed that the owners of Rayburn Inn requested a sewer connection from Brookeland Fresh Water MUD and that this would be an excellent opportunity to request that the Pavilion also be hooked up to the sewer treatment plant to prevent installation of holding tanks at the Pavilion site.  It was suggested that Director Collins pursue a discussion with the two groups above to determine the possibility of using the money designated for the holding tanks and use it to join Brookland Fresh Water MUD sewer treatment plant.  No additional action was taken on this item.

Paving: JD Burns and Ray Beck presented a comprehensive bid package from Gulf Coast and Gilbert Paving for paving the entrance to the Pavilion joining Hwy 255 up to the parking lot area of the Pavilion.  The bid totaled $17,389 from Gulf Coast and $18,960 from Gilbert Paving.  

The second area bid was to pave around the Pavilion and restroom area to prevent a potential tripping hazard.  That bid from Gilbert was $8,100 and from Gulf Coast was $9,057.  

After some discussion, the Board approved the recommendation from the Pavilion Board for Gulf Coast in the amount of $9,057 on a motion by Director Meaux with a second from Director Dally and a unanimous vote of the Board.

The paving at the entrance was tabled until some determination could be made if a sewer line from Brookeland Fresh Water MUD could be laid without digging through the newly installed pavement.  That bid would be addressed at the next meeting of the JCDD Board.

Signage, Big Ass Fan and Other Pavilion Items:  No other discussion or action took place regarding the Pavilion requests.

Texas Team Trail Request for Funding:  This item was carried over from the last meeting. The Texas Team Trail presented requests for three tournaments: a Championship Tournament requesting $10,000; a preliminary tournament requesting $10,000 and a high school tournament requesting $7,500.  These request totaled $27,500 which is $17,500 more than what the District has funded in the past.  

After some deliberation on how many anglers would spend the night in the area, the Board took the following action.  On a motion by Director Dally with a second from Director Burke, the Board voted unanimously to fund the Texas Team Trail a maximum of $20,000 plus Pavilion fees for the three tournaments.  Each tournament would be placed on a sliding scale, and in addition, if the tournaments produced more entries than indicated in the request the JCDD would be receptive to raising the amount reimbursed for the coming year.


 Other Items:  The Board was informed that under reoccurring invoices that the Director’s Liability Insurance was due and would be paid this week.

There being no other business to come before the Board, it adjourned on a motion by Director Burke with a second from Director Dally at 11:15 a.m.