Jasper County Development District #1

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Event Date:___/___/___ Event Place:__________________________________

Amount of Funding:$______________ Returned amount:$__________

Estimated Participants:___________ Actual Participants:____________

Estimated Hotel Nights:___________ Actual Hotel Nights:____________

Comments on the Event: (You can use additional paper)

Enclosed with this report: □ Financial □ Zip Code Recap □Recap of District Funds □ Advertising Copies

Jasper County Development District #1

District Funding Recap

Please complete this funding recap and return with your event evaluation. You may use a different format as long as the information contains what is requested below. If an expense is not listed, please add that expense and dollar amount to the form.


Amount of funding:$______________________
Do not include in this amount any funding the District does on your behalf. Example is Pavilion Fees.

Jasper County Development District #1

Zip Code Recap


Event Date: ___/___/___ or Multiple Dates: Yes (circle if yes)

For multiple date events that are non consecutive (i.e. fishing tournaments) you must submit at least two recaps. If the event includes a championship, one recap can be for the championship, one must be from a regular scheduled tournament. Events cannot be combined on one form. Use a separate form for each event.

Number of projected participants:_________ Actual Participants:____________

Expense Item

Dollar Amount

District Use


Travel Expense

Registration of Participants

Promotion of the Arts





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